Grace Independent Baptist Church has maintained a heart for the world-wide work of God for many years. GIBC currently supports 100 missionary families who are taking the gospel of Christ throughout the world. These missionaries are supported through and sent by local independent Baptist churches. The members of GIBC have made prayer for and financial support of global evangelization a high priority.In addition to foreign missions, GIBC is continually involved in helping to establish new independent Baptist churches in the United States. GIBC has six families sent out to establish churches in the US and overseas, as well as minister to the churches of America in evangelism. The church conducts foreign mission trips to help missionary families and national pastors. Also, our annual missions conference in February helps our entire church maintain a heart for world-wide missions.

Russell Aaron – New Mexico
John Alvez – Brazil
Steve Avera – USA
Dale Briley – Costa Rica
Kenny Cantrell – USA
CLA – Legal USA
David Combe – Mexico
Dave Cook – Canada
Larry Craft – USA
James Dare – Military
Bobby Decker – Schools
Ricky Dunsford – ROA
Kenneth Ellzey – Bolivia
James Estes – ROA
Ken Fielder – WorldView
Rene’ Freret – BEAMS
Judy Gearis – ROA
Maurice Gerges – Muslims
Carl Gormley – Philippines
Steve Gregory – ROA
Jeff Gross – Thailand
Jim Gulledge – USA
John Hall – Australia
Bruce Haller – USA
Charles Hamilton – USA
Gene Harmon
Fred Hawks – Latvia
Jim Heberle – Australia
Lance Hohenstreet – ROA
Joseph Holley – Cuba
Mark Holmes – Nigeria
Chris Hooker – ROA
Trent Horton – Honduras
Matt Hudson – Ukraine
Mike Kelly – ROA
Nathan Kinoshita – Japan
Keith Klaus – Germany
Jason Knabb – Mexico
Joe Kotvas – Peru
Kent Labouve – Caribbean
David Lawrence – Mexico
Ricardo Levya – Cuba
Travis Lewis – Philippines
Matt Litson – Ivory Coast
Mark Lockhart – Mexico
Jason Lowe – Caribbean
Buddy Maynard – Boys Home
Zeb McDaris – USA
Shawn McGuire – Mexico
Steve Messersmith – England
Alan Minks – Japan
Robert Mickey – Kenya
Paul Miller – USA
Jun Monderin – Philippines
Robbie Morrison – USA
David Owens – Guyana
Jonathan Owens – Bulgaria
Toto Paclibar – South Korea
Sherry Perkins – USA
Steve Perkins – USA
Eric Peters – ROA
Marlin Peterson – East Africa
Kevin Petske – Zambia
Jerry Purtell – USA
Scottie Rackley – Madagascar
Andrew Ramsey – Spanish
Clint Rardin – Mexico
Renato Rebaton – Philippines
Bruce Rice – Philippines
ROA – Philippines Staff
Darin Robinson – USA
Tyler Ryberg – Military
Gary Santino – Romania
John Schrader – Africa
Luke Shelby – Kenya
Ethan Shields – Mexico
Matt Shields – Mexico
Clint Shipman – Germany
Bobby Sizemore – ROA
Stan Skriloff – Military
David Sloan – Ukraine
Philip Sloan – Mexico
Ron Smith – Vietnam
Jon Speights – Brazil
Larry Stallings – BPS
Alisha Stensaas – Uganda
Brian Stensaas – Uganda
Matt Stensaas – Uganda
David Sterling – Siberia
Nick Sutmaier – Mexico
Michael Talley – Germany
Roger Tooley – England
Eddie Trimble – Philippines
Samuel Turk – Indonesia
Brad Wells – PNG
Joshua Wesson – Dominican
Doug Worley – Philippines